Research Phase Complete

December Project Update

We took time to dig deep into our research in November. Supplied with the knowledge we've gathered and relationships we have created we enter into heads down work on refining our plan and making it a reality. That's not to say we haven't had time for fun! We stopped by the neighborhood to spread some holiday cheer.

Welcome to the official website for important updates and participation opportunities regarding the new Robles Park Village Master Plan. Creating a successful fresh vision for this historic community requires active input from local residents. Please sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on social media for important information about progress and public meetings.

The Latest

Zion Park Research Report

Zion Cemetery's troubled past is an opportunity for us to do better. We have met with residents, locals, and archaeologists to ensure we have a clear picture of what happened and what needs to be done to make it right. We've researched meaningful monuments and resources and have commenced the creative concept phase of the project.

View Zion Report

In the Community

Merry Christmas Robles

We're firm believers in getting involved with the communities we serve. What better opportunity than the holidays. We were honored to share a little Christmas cheer with all the children of Robles Park. We love the communties we work with and are thankful for an oppotunity to show it.

The Neighborhood

Transforming Robles Park

Robles Park residents deserve high quality and comfortable housing with convenient access to healthcare, education and groceries. We’re planning up to a thousand new homes in which you’ll be proud to live. A network of parks with meaningful public art will connect neighboring families, and on-site support facilities will assist residents with their medical and financial well-being.

The Master Plan

With deep respect for the responsibility of shaping a revitalized neighborhood that unites generations, we’re eager to listen and share. Our team is excited to plan an even brighter future together.

Bluesky Sketch

Connected Community

Welcoming open green spaces link townhomes, senior living accomodations and affordable apartments in a modern township. The well-equipped fitness center and abundant food market are conveniently located for all.

Rich History

The cultural heritage of these grounds is interwoven with the landscape architecture in a tapestry ofshared spaces, including the Zion Memorial Gardens, Celebration Park and Memorial Walk. We honor the pastwhile striving for a better tomorrow.

*Diagram is not final plan, it is meant to create discussion.

Share Your Story

While crafting a new vision for Robles Park, we must preserve the positive elements that make this community unique. By collaborating with residents and hearing their story, we can create a neighborhood that honors the past and sets a clear direction forward.

With the Community Workshops complete, we are starting Focus Groups to deepen our learning and would love to hear from you. Please submit the short form below to share your invaluable input with our team.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our community workshops!

About the Team

The Tampa Housing Authority has selected the team of Baker Barrios Architects (BBA) and Property Markets Group (PMG) to develop the new master plan for Robles Park Village. This plan is intended to create up to 1,000 new high quality affordable homes, with public spaces and support facilities focused on both physical and financial wellness for residents. Community members are strongly encouraged to participate in the planning process by completing the Resident Survey, attending public meetings, and engaging with staff at the on-site planning office.

Project Timeline

  • Discovery


    Phase 1: Project Initiation

    Community Wide Survey | Community Workshops (On-Site and Virtual) | Steering Committee Formation & Kick-Off

    Download Phase 1 Report
  • Research


    Phase 2: 2a Analysis/Visioning | 2b History/Messaging

    Focus Groups Workshops - Education, Jobs & Economic Vitality Housing, Health & Wellness, Transportation / Connectivity, Safety & Security, History / Art & Culture, Zion Park & Open Space

    Compile Gathered Information | Develop Study Reports & Recommendations | Branding & Naming Concept/Development

    Download Phase 2 Report
  • Exploration


    Phase 3: Variables & Scenarios

    Study Pillars | Create Vision Plan | Explore Strategy + Methods

  • Refinement


    Phase 4: Shared Vision Plan

    Continued Focus Group Meetings | Community Wide Survey | Phase 3 Deliverables Refinement | System Frameworks Outlined

  • Implementation


    Phase 5: Actionable Recommendations

    Draft Report | Shared Vision Plan | Outline Roles & Responsibilities | Civil & Actionable Recommendations | Phasing, Development, Zoning Strategy

  • Communication


    Phase 6: Final Packaging & Approvals

    Final Report Delivery | Follow Up & Debrief Stakeholders | Launch Project Plan